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PUG Presentations - Fall 2010

At the fall PUG meetings in 2010, CornerStar delivered a demo and presentation on its Progress reporting solution, Aurora. Progress Software Corporation delivered a talk on OpenEdge Debugger. Both received great reviews from the Virginia and North Carolina PUG members.

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"You've Got a Problem, Here’s How to Find It" - Edsel Garcia of Progress Software

The ability to easily diagnose, troubleshoot and debug issues in your application is critical. Whether your client uses GUI, Character, WebSpeed or AppServer or is within OpenEdge Architect, the OpenEdge Debugger is there to help you debug problems quickly and easily. During this session, PUG members could see the debugger in action, and discuss using it with the different flavors of the ABL client.

You’ll also learn about troubleshooting sticky situations in which you might find yourself and about the tools and techniques used for addressing those situations. Whether it's a memory leak, a performance problem or a general debugging situation, there are features and functions in OpenEdge to help you handle any issue quickly and easily.

About Edsel Garcia, presenter

Edsel Garcia is a Principal Software Engineer for OpenEdge development at Progress Software. He is experienced in working with the ABL, OpenEdge Architect, and WebSpeed among others tools. He gave a presentation on OpenEdge Management at Progress Exchange Online 2010 and delivered this talk at the Virginia and N.C. PUG meetings in fall 2010.

"How to take Advantage of the Progress Technologies for Better Reporting" by CornerStar

Challenge: Being to able to deliver professional looking reports with minimal developer effort and at a low cost.

Solution: Use Aurora to create data sources which allows users to create their own reports safely and easily.

Issues to get there:

- Application Transformation Methodology used to design Aurora Analytics leveraged ABL, C#, .NET, RBDMS, and AppServers to create a Cloud ready solution.
- Business Logic of the report no longer wedded to the front (or back) of the reporting tool providing for a dynamic solution.
- AppServer allows for a single library of reports to be used against many data sources / databases.
- Easily reuse existing 4gl so as not having to reinvent the wheel

Top Take Aways:

- Self-service reporting with a safety net
- Can fit into any environment
- No need to learn new technologies to deliver modern looking reports.

About CornerStar:

CornerStar, a BI solutions provider based out of Portland Oregon, demonstrated its Aurora reporting solution to the Virginia and North Carolina Progress user groups.

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