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Presentations and topics given at PUG meetings in the past. If you'd like to present one of these to your PUG, please contact the author.


folder icon 2 PUG Challenge / Exchange 2017

Mike Lonski's presentation from PUG Challenge Exchange 2017.  This includes, "The Progress Index - Not only how they work but why and when".

folder icon 1 PUG Challenge 2016

Mike Lonski's presentation from PUG Challenge Americas 2016.  This includes, "Proper Care and Feeding of an Index."

folder icon 2 PUG Challenge Americas 2014

Mike Lonski's presentation from PUG Challenge Americas 2014.  This includes, "Still Don't Know about Indicies" and demo code.

folder icon 2 PUG Presentations Spring 2014

Presentations by Gus Bjorklund, VP Technology at Progress Software, guest speaker at the Spring 2014 VA and NC PUG meetings.

folder icon 4 PUG Presentations Fall 2013

Presentations by Peter Judge, Progress Principal Software Engineer, at the Fall 2013 VA and NC PUG meetings.

folder icon 2 PUG Challenge Americas 2013

This was the 3rd annual Progress technical conference organized by Progress users and consultants.

folder icon 1 PUG Presentations Spring 2013

Slides from OE Mobile presentation by Gus Bjorklund.

folder icon 3 PUG Presentations Fall 2012

Slides from Fall 2012 PUG presentations by Roy Ellis.

folder icon 3 PUG Challenge Americas 2012

PUG Challenge Americas 2012 is Progress technical conference put together by Progress users and consultants.  This was the 2nd annual conference and was another great success.

folder icon 4 PUG Presentations Spring 2012

Progress Software was host to the Spring 2012 VA and NC PUG meetings.  This was a great opportunity to hear from Progress themselves regarding all of the benefits of the new OpenEdge11!  Progress presented on 4 topics including, the Progress Developer Studio, Developing Business Process Applications, Multi-Tenancy, and Cloud Security.  Download these presentations here!

folder icon 2 PUG Presentations Fall 2011

Tom Bascom of White Star Software was the guest speaker at the Fall 2011 PUG meetings.  Tom is well-known in the Progress Community for his consulting expertise and experience with OpenEdge. He is a frequent speaker at Progress Exchange and Progress User Groups. His widely acclaimed and freely downloadable Progress tool set is used by Progress DBA's around the world.

folder icon 1 PUG Challenge Americas 2011

PUG Challenge Americas 2011  was the first Progress technical conference put together by a committee of Progress users and consultants.  Based upon the European model for similar events, it was a rousing success.

folder icon 0 PUG Presentations Spring 2010

Gus Bjorklund and Ravi Sankar of Progress Software shared their OpenEdge database tips and OpenEdge Architect expertise at the spring PUG meetings in 2010. Download their presentations now!

folder icon 2 PUG Presentations - Fall 2010

At the fall PUG meetings in 2010, CornerStar delivered a demo and presentation on its Progress reporting solution, Aurora. Progress Software Corporation delivered a talk on OpenEdge Debugger. Both received great reviews from the Virginia and North Carolina PUG members.

folder icon 1 PUG Presentations Fall 2009

Learn about software configuration management in a presentation by Tugboat Software. The developers of Roundtable delivered this talk at the fall 2009 PUG meetings.

folder icon 2 PUG Presentation Spring 2009

Whether you missed the PUG spring 2009 series or just need a refresher, download Mike Lonski's "Pick An Index, Any Index..." now!

folder icon 1 PUG Presentations Fall 2008
Here are fall 2008 PUG presentations delivered by Mike Lonski of Allegro, and Joe Genovese and Carol Osborne of Progress Software Corporation.
folder icon 3 PUG Central Fall 2007
Here are our talks from the Fall 2007 PUG Series, which were very interesting to PUG members. Brian Bowman and Joe Genovese of PSC delivered presentations about OpenEdge replication and database health checks.  Mike Lonski of Allegro delivered a presentation about virtualization. 
folder icon 1 PUG Meetings Spring 2008
You'll find Mike Lonski's "Real People Doing Real Work" as presented at the PUG meetings across the East Coast, during April 2008. He shares many resources about Progress utility programs in this talk and much more.

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file icon Solution Cost Comparisonhot!Tooltip 10/19/2006 Hits: 2342
This is also complimentary with the "Porting to Linux or Windows Server" presentation. It compares HW and OS support costs along with the five-year costs, etc. for different solutions.
file icon RAID Humorhot!Tooltip 10/19/2006 Hits: 2463
You'll love these hilarious pictures explaining the different types of RAID! You can pass this along your office!
Steve Lichtenberg of Jenark Business Systems explains ProParse, ProLint and ProRefactor, all tools which maintain and modernize code. Learn how they are intertwined and why you need them.
This presentation will examine the benefits, pros and cons, costs and steps necessary to execute a smooth, productive, successful port with the least downtime and expense. Topics include: cost and performance comparisons, how Progress performs on Intel vs. RISC, vendor selection, support quality, how to move printers, users, scripts and data, and more.
file icon Modern Methodology Resourceshot!Tooltip 06/02/2005 Hits: 2864
This accompanies Doug Lucy's PUG presentation on modern development methodologies. It includes pages of links directing you to learn more about Rational, Agile, etc.
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