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What is a Progress User Group?

A Progress User Group is an independent association of technical professionals who work with products from the Progress Software Corporation. Typically, they are programmers in the Progress 4GL or fourth generation language who meet to discuss topics related to the Progress Software family of products and the applications built with those products. Allegro sponsors the following Progress user groups:


How do you join VAPUG?

Contact Michael Lonski at (804) 553-1130 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to join a Progress user group. You can contact her to join the following PUGs: Northern Virginia (D.C.), Virginia, North Carolina, and Central Florida. PUG membership and meetings are free! Simply provide her with your contact information to receive PUG meeting updates, etc.


What are the benefits of joining a PUG?

Benefits of PUG Membership

  • Terrific meetings and presentations
  • Network with your peers
  • Discuss your Progress issues and solutions with others
  • Free refreshments (cookies, brownies, and coffee)
  • Discounts at PSC events
  • An excuse to get away from the office and still further your career and business

When and where are PUG meetings held?

Allegro's PUG series take place during mid-April and mid-October every year. The meetings are held in hotels, conference centers or members’ places of business, and go from noon to 5 p.m. Each meeting starts with a free networking lunch. Then each meeting will typically have two presentations and Progress news updates.

Each Progress user group meets in a different city on a different day, with the series lasting four days. The Northern Virginia (D.C.) PUG kicks off the series typically on a Monday in Alexandria, Va. Then the Virginia PUG meets in Glen Allen, Va. on a Tuesday. The North Carolina PUG (NCPUG) meets on a Wednesday in Raleigh, N.C. Finally, the Central Florida PUG (CFPUG) typically wraps up the series on a Thursday in Tampa, Fl.


What kind of people attend these meetings?

You can find many different kinds of members at a VAPUG meeting

  • Progress 4GL programmers
  • Users of programs written in the Progress 4GL language (typically some form of multi-user accounting package for medium-sized businesses)
  • Managers of Progress programmers or companies using
  • Progress applications
  • Independent Software Vendors – companies that make applications using Progress

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