Sunday August 19 , 2018
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Can my company present our product at a meeting?

If you have a product that may be of use to the VAPUG members, there are a couple of ways to present it You can give us product literature and we will happily set it out on the Vendor Information table at the next few meetings. The members love seeing new product glossies. You can also attend a meeting so long as you follow some basic rules. You must contact us first so we can approve your visit and explain the rules. If you would like to do a short, 15-minute presentation about your product, you can send us email by clicking here. You will need to include details about the product, its pricing and generally what youÂ’d like to say to the members. WeÂ’ll try to fit you in at the next meeting. One important note: if we do approve you coming to a meeting to answer questions or present a short demo, make sure you bring something to give away as a door prize.

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