Sunday August 19 , 2018
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New Database Drivers from Progress

Progress has released database drivers for the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse. They are available for pre-sales registration immediately with shipment in Q2 2011.

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DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET 3.5

Progress released DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET 3.5, extending support for Microsoft Entity Framework 4.0 to its Oracle, Sybase ASE and DB2 providers. It offers high performance and easy-to-deploy benefits of its 100 percent managed code architecture ADO.NET providers to Entity Framework 4.0-compatible applications. This will provide seamless support for WC/F, RIA, and Silverlight EF deployments, among many other key features.

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Want to Build SaaS and Cloud-based Apps?

Progress Arcade is a cloud deployment environment for OpenEdge-based applications. You can use the its portal, an on-line cloud community, to test, demo, and deploy SaaS and cloud-based business applications. You can also rely on the portal to get on-demand cloud-based access to OpenEdge and associated Progress products to learn more about their features and benefits.

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SEB Astonia Using Apama for Fraud Detection

SEB Estonia, the second largest bank in Estonia, has chosen the Progress Apama Complex Event Processing (CEP) platform to detect and prevent fraud in its banking patterns. Earlier this year, the bank identified an increased need for quicker monitoring of fraudulent activity in its banking systems, seeking to catch and prevent fraud in real-time. It was already using the Progress Sonic ESB service bus, and Progress OpenEdge application development platform for its core banking systems.

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FuseSource is Now Independent Company

FuseSource Corporation, provider of open-source integration and message software, tools, training and consulting, is now operating as an independent company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Progress Software Corporation. More than 200 large, global enterprises such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Sabre Holdings have deployed open-source integration projects with this company alongside them.

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