Sunday August 19 , 2018
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Apama Solution Receives "Best Smart Order Router" Award

Its Progress Apama Smart Order Routing Accelerator solution won "Best Smart Order Router" at the Financial News Awards this year. Held at the City of London’s Plaisterers’ Hall, the award ceremony recognizes excellence in trading and technology products in the financial industry. According to Progress, "The winning solution, Progress Apama SOR Accelerator, enables businesses to create unique, proprietary order routing strategies that intelligently select from among many execution venues."

Learn more about the award now!


Check Out OpenEdge 11.0.0 Features!

The following list of OpenEdge 11.0.0 features is provisional and subject to change.  Some may be modified, delayed, or dropped entirely.  The 11.0.0 release functionality and feature set may be substantially different from what is implied here.

- Multi-tenant database tables and related stuff
- RIA adapter for Microsoft's Silverlight
- REST adapter for Appserver/WebSpeed
- JSON parser
- OE Architect for Linux
- OE Architect remote server support for Appserver & WebSpeed
- OE Architect miscellaneous improvements
- 4GL OO interface inheritance
- 4GL OO dynamic properties
- Actional database interceptor
- Appserver error handling improvements
- Appserver ability to see what r-code is begin executed via asbman, wsbman
- Appserver network compression for state-free, for Java client, for .Net client
- OE Management remote jobs
- OE RDBMS automatic SQL statistics
- OE RDBMS 64-bit ODBC driver for Linux
- 4GL sha-256, sha-512
- Various dataserver enhancements
- Bug fixes


Progress' Stock Buyback Program Extended

According to Progress, the company's "Board of Directors has extended the company's stock buyback program by authorizing the repurchase of up to an aggregate of $100 million of the company's common stock during the period from October 1, 2010 until September 30, 2011."

Read more: Progress' Stock Buyback Program Extended


Huawei Chooses Progress Orbix Product for Integration

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd (Huawei) has chosen the CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) standards-based Progress® Orbix® software product for integrating its market leading iManager T2000 telecommunications management system.

Read more: Huawei Chooses Progress Orbix Product for Integration


Progress to Expand Hyderabad R&D Center for New RPM Suite Versions

To more quickly develop new versions of its Responsive Management Suite, Progress is expanding its India research and development (R&D) center in Hyderabad, according to K. Rajani Kanth of Business Standard. "Stating that the over $500-million company was growing at a double digit rate on RPM since this April, Levy said they were looking for extension of the RPM suite next year, either through acquisitions or building new versions in-house," according to Kanth.

Read more: Progress to Expand Hyderabad R&D Center for New RPM Suite Versions


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